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Lamp, originally uploaded by photocumbria.

Candle holder. Shot with a Polaroid Automatic 100, using 125i film stock and the 583 close-up kit. Digital version captured with iPhone 4s and edited in Snapseed.
Think I may have a light-leak!



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Shot on a Polaroid Big Shot camera, then transferred to Moleskine water colour paper. Digitised with an iPhone 4S and adjusted in Snapseed.

Rhododendron in the frost

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Rhododendron shoots covered in frost.
Polaroid Image System camera and outdated film.

Little Meg

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Polaroid: Little Meg, originally uploaded by photocumbria.

The spiral carvings on Little Meg, the sister site to the Long Meg stone circle in Cumbria’s Eden Valley.

Shot with a Mamiya Universal press, with 100mm lens 1/250th at f22 on to 5×4 Polaroid Type 57 film.

The Lantern

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The Lantern, originally uploaded by photocumbria.

Shot with a Mamiya Universal Press, 150mm lens and extension tubes one and two, as part of ‘Roidweek 09 project on Flickr
Type 57 film 1/30th at f5.6

The Family Outing

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The Family Outing, originally uploaded by photocumbria.

Paul A Driod and his wife Anne, take junior out for a gentle walk, and to show him off the world.
Soon he’ll be big enough to wind his own key and maybe one day move onto batteries!

Note: These are the only poladroids you’ll ever see me with! Shot specially for ‘Roid Week 09.

Chester Bear

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Polaroid: Chester Bear, originally uploaded by photocumbria.

SX-70 image of an old teddy bear found in a shop at Matlock Bath in Derbyshire.